EAGLE WINGS has a mission of creating a bridge for youth to engage with one another, irrespective of their gender identity, sexual orientation, age, color, tribe or race.

EAGLE WINGS is creating a platform for youth to engage with the wider community to promote inclusion, equality and freedom for those who have been marginalized and discriminated against, based on their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Our struggles, Our strides are for Our Freedom


Stigma and discrimination against youth in Tanzania based on their gender identity and sexual orientation remains high, posing a significant challenge to outreach and delivery of LGBT-friendly health services.

To reduce this stigma, EAGLE WINGS provides

  • stigma reduction training to youth and selected representatives of the general population
  • conducts meetings with youth champions and influential people to spearhead anti-stigma campaigns
  • organizes monthly follow-up and sensitization meetings to the general population
  • develops online discussion groups - prepares information education materials (IECs) on sexual violence
  • provides sensitization to gender and children desks
  • prepares case studies on sexual violence to share widely with the general population
  • improves information sharing forums among youth and and general population on human sexuality.


Inadequate LGBT-friendly health services, lack of comprehensive health services that include HIV treatment/prevention and insufficient overall coverage are challenges faced by youth in Tanzania.

EAGLE WINGS is working to increase the uptake of health service by youth who have been discriminated against based on their gender identity and sexual orientation by training health service providers to provide LGBT-friendly healthcare, following up with these youth and linking them to social health clubs.

We strive to provide early treatment and adherence dialogues in close collaboration with healthcare workers. Our social network platforms provide up-to-date information on HIV prevention such as those related to PREP and PEP, positive health, dignity and treatment and establish regional focal person in order to receive and share emerging issues on youth related to HIV/AIDS.


Many LGBT youth lack formal education and as a result, face high unemployment rates due to the inability to qualify for well-paying jobs.

EAGLE WINGS enhances the capacity and knowledge in life skills and entrepreneurship among these youth, trains them in life skills across the country, conducts entrepreneurship trainings and supports them through donor-funded education sponsorship programs. In the process, EAGLE WINGS, youth can acquire knowledge that will enable them to find gainful employment and in turn, have the basic needs in their lives.